At National Floors Direct, doing our part to contribute to a healthier environment has always been part of our business plan. By no means are we holding ourselves up as an example of perfection, but we would like our clients to know that we are making significant efforts to help improve our world.

Take carpeting for instance,  eventually, all the cleaning in the world won't save an old and tattered carpet. But, when you finally decide to say goodbye to your older carpet, remember that every year people send 1.8 million tons of rugs and carpets to local landfills, and that most carpet will last up to 20,000 years. Instead of adding to that total, we at National Floors Direct send every piece of old or removed carpet - and all excess pieces of new carpet from installation jobs - to a special recycling center in Dalton, Georgia where the carpet is recycled and turned back into yarn to be used for new carpet.

Furthermore, all of the old carpet padding we remove from installation sites is sent to a recycling facility in Baltimore, Maryland to be turned into new carpet padding, which we then use in future installations.

National Floors Direct also encourages our employees, customers and suppliers to participate in our earth-friendly endeavors. Following are a few of the energy-saving practices we've put into place at our offices and warehouses:

  • We use 100% recyclable trash bags and have dedicated trash bins for recycling all types of paper, cans and bottles, and plastics.

  • Through NStar, a utility company in our headquarters city, we have made a commitment to change each and every light bulb in our Avon, Massachusetts warehouse from mercury gas lights to T8 super lights, which do not contain mercury gases. The use of these newer, energy-saving bulbs will reduce the amount of power we are currently using by a full one-third and save 105,931 kilowatt hours each year.

  • We reward employee innovation, encouraging our employees to recommend ways that we, as a company and as individuals, can be more energy efficient. We strive to employ the most energy-efficient methods possible in our workplace.

  • We turn off our PCs at the end of the day, and make sure to activate the sleep settings on monitors and PCs. These simple acts alone can save up to $75 per computer in annual power costs and reduce our energy consumption.

  • We help to reduce e-Waste by recycling computer equipment (which is loaded with toxic metals and chemicals that contaminate soil, water and air) and purchase Energy Star-certified equipment when possible.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about National Floors Direct and our commitment to environmental and socially responsible practices. We welcome your suggestions and comments.